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About Our Leadership 

The leadership and management team of  Michael Grandon & Associates (MGA) holds a proven track record of success in the development of change oriented high-visibility high-impact Internet media companies and services.  

Possessing  a diverse array of business skills and core competencies,  along with true battle tested operating experience,  MGA's management team and business executives have  demonstrated both the winning ability and professional expertise to  effectively implement and execute strategic business plans for diverse  and innovative new media corporate enterprises.  MGA's top management has now for more than 25 years been directly engaged in  successful entrepreneurial leadership, public company stewardship,  and breakthrough development and production for start-up, emerging growth, and mature  companies.  MGA's management team has successfully developed, produced and distributed a variety of cutting-edge Internet and network-related applications, products and services. MGA's leadership has effectively  managed market-leading enterprises from start-up and boot-strap operational stages, thru first round, mezzanine and second round financing, expansion and growth, economic survival and turnarounds, marketing and sales, strategic planning and business development, every step of the way toward achievement of

sustainable revenues and ongoing profitability.  

MGA leadership has provided for more than $ 100 million in venture capital funding thru "in-house" start-up companies and proprietary applications.  MGA management has been directly involved in the development and production of Internet applications, products and services,  as well as providing the strategic planning, marketing and business development expertise necessary to build, grow and sustain global network information services revenue exceeding $ 600 Million per year during its tenure. Few Internet new media production companies and web-based venture or social capital firms today can offer such highly qualified, experienced, ethically-driven, persistent and proven global leadership.

About Our Managing Partners

Michael Grandon is a Managing Partner of Michael Grandon & Associates, President and Chairman of  the global publicly-listed Internet media asset management and crowdsourcing venture capital firm  The MEDIA  GLOBO Corporation [ OTC Trading Symbol:  MGLO ] [ ], a successful business professional with roots in the Silicon Valley since the early days of the Internet,  as well as founder of the New Media Research Center,  a 

Los Angeles area based nonprofit dedicated to Internet TV content development, multicultural media production and broadband global distribution. 

Mr. Grandon is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences [ ], National Association of Television  Program Executives [ ], National Association of Broadcasters [ ], International Academy of Web Television [ ], and the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences [ ]. 

Michael Grandon's business background is rather diverse as an entrepreneur, start-up company founder, corporate marketing executive, business development officer, public company CEO, venture  capitalist, management and marketing consultant, city management intern,  local government official and city business representative, and hospital administrator for a 450-bed major metropolitan area medical center and health education facility.

Michael Grandon's academic background includes a Bachelor's degree in History (BA) and Master's degree in Public Administration (MPA), specializing in Health Services Administration, from the University of Missouri [], and the Presidents and Key Executives Master's of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Pepperdine University [ ].  Mr. Grandon's doctoral management studies also include candidacies for the Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) at the University of Southern California [ ], the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree at Laureate International Universities Network [ ],  and  prospective candidacy for the Executive Doctor of Business Administration (Executive DBA) degree at Pepperdine University [ ].  He has served as adjunct faculty for the graduate schools  of management and business at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA  [ ], National University  in San Diego, CA [], and served as an instructor at The University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom [ ].

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Our business development, venture capital, crowdsourcing, marketing and management support services are customized to the specific needs of your business, are designed  to empower your own team and outfit them with all the tools they need to meet or exceed your short and long-term business goals and objectives. Talk to us today about how we can support your business growth, limit risk or prevent loss, and keep you on a sustainable track to ongoing profitability and mutual success !

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Michael Grandon

MGA Managing Partner
MEDIA GLOBO President and Chairman

MGA  Managing Partner

President and Chairman

The MEDIA GLOBO Corporation 

OTC Trading Symbol:  MGLO